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The Best Quality Alkaline Water in Orange County

Family Waters and Wellness in Orange County provides the highest quality alkaline water in the business. We have more than 20 years of experience providing our customers with delicious and pH-balancing water as well as other wellness products.

When you come into our store—whether you're a regular or are new to alkaline, Kangen Water®, and our other wellness products — you'll be greeted as a friend. We're always happy to explain our various products and their health benefits because we believe in their ability to heal. Bring the water you’re currently drinking, and we’ll be happy to test its pH versus our waters. We do this because we want you to be confident of what you’re getting.

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Our pH-balancing water is where we got our start. With 5 different options for our alkaline versions alone, as well as reverse osmosis (RO) purified filtered water and 2 varieties of acidic waters, it's easy to tell why "waters" is in our name. The purpose of drinking any of these waters is simply to help keep your body in balance by neutralizing acidity and improving hydration potential. Studies have shown that alkaline-based water tends to be absorbed into the body more quickly than filtered water, which makes them a perfect choice for athletes and anyone looking to keep hydrated.

The Many Benefits of Drinking Alkaline Water

There are many benefits of drinking alkaline water that go beyond hydration. The foods and drinks that we consume on a daily basis tend to push our bodies toward the acidic side of the pH spectrum. Even purified and filtered water can still be acidic, let alone beverages such as iced tea or coffee. Alkaline water such as ours work to combat that acidity with their base pH levels. Results tend to suggest that when your body is more hydrated it provides more energy, which can give you a boost in everything from workouts to day-to-day life.

Family Waters and Wellness's alkaline waters contain molecular hydrogen which improves the water's ORP (oxidation reduction potential). Studies have shown molecular hydrogen to be a powerful antioxidant. Our 9.5 pH Kangen Water® has an ORP score of -550 to -650 while our natural alkaline water ranges from -140 to -200.

Learn more from our experts in-store by dropping by today.

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