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Kangen Water® Right Here in Anaheim

Family Waters and Wellness is happy to provide Kangen Water® directly to you in Orange County. Though we offer a variety of our own alkaline hydrogen-rich water, we want to provide the most options possible for our customers. The Kangen Water® that we offer is perfect for everything from brewing coffee to cooking. This water has an ORP (oxidation reduction potential) score of -550 to -650, which makes it a powerful antioxidant. Though we are proud to sell the water directly to you, we also offer the Kangen Water® system as well.

Family Waters and Wellness is a family-owned and operated business. Our store here in Anaheim is simply a manifestation of the things that we believe in: natural healing and wellness. When we first began, we were simply selling our own alkaline-based water. Now, with more than 20 years of experience under our belts, we are happy to provide a variety of health options such as CBD, nutrition supplements, cerebral supplements, and, of course, Kangen and alkaline-based waters.

Kangen Water® Control Panel

Create Your Own Ionized Water with the Kangen Ionizer

The Kangen Ionizer is an incredible machine that allows you to create your own ionized water at home. Specifically, we sell the Kangen Leveluk SD-501 Ionized Water System, a revolutionary piece of technology. It has an incredible built-in electrolysis chamber that generates 5 different types of ionized water for a variety of household needs.

It is made of platinum-coated titanium and is large enough to create healthy pH-balanced water for the whole family with 7 electrode plates. Stop by today to learn more.

Kangen Water® Filter
Antiocidant Diagram
Kangen Water® Filter
Kangen Water® Electrolysis Detail
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