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Nootropics from Anaheim's Family Waters and Wellness

Family Waters and Wellness offers the best options in nootropics in Orange County. These supplements may improve cognitive functions such as creativity, memory, and mental recall. Studies have shown that in healthy individuals a large portion of executive functions have been shown to improve with the regular ingestion of these supplements. We offer them here in our store because we believe in their natural power—and with more than 20 years of wellness-based experience, that means something.

Nootropics are essentially any compound or plant extract that exert cognitive support or can improve mental function. You may have seen them before presented as health drinks and other substances that aid in sleep, memory, and other such high-level functions.

We here at Family Waters and Wellness offer them primarily as supplements that contain things such as turmeric or Gotu kola (a native Asian plant that can also be used as a culinary additive). These powerful natural supplements have been shown to make a difference, especially for the aging mind.

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How Our Cognitive Supplements Can Help You Feel and Live Better

Cognitive supplements from Family Waters and Wellness can make a real difference in your life, though you won't know for sure until you try them. Studies have shown that certain cognitive supplements can improve brain function by reducing inflammation. This can also help ward off dementia, as well as anxiety and stress.

These supplements have been tested by our staff and have even been known to help you sleep better—and we all know how a good night's sleep can make a difference in brain function the next day.

Family Waters and Wellness offers everything from NeuroBion B12 Forte and Brain Armor to Lion's Mane supplements.

Come to our store today to see our full selection and learn more.

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