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The Truth About Alkaline Water

From personal experience, I feel there is value in drinking alkaline water on a regular basis.  When someone says "it's not good to drink too much alkaline water", my question would be, "how much is too much" and "what do they suggest drinking instead?" You should know your body best.  What does it tell you when you drink alkaline water? If you feel better as a result of drinking alkaline water, then continue to do so. If it doesn't, then try something else. There are a lot of youtube videos online that talk about alkaline water.  I chose one that offers a pretty balanced view.  

Value of Having Hydrogen in Alkaline Water

There is a lot of information online on the good and bad of drinking alkaline water. I obviously lean toward the "good" of drinking alkaline water.  That's not only because I sell it but because I've tested myself and felt the difference.  That's not to say that I don't drink an occasional fruit juice, coffee, tea and even a soda.  Most of what's out there discuss "alkaline water": Little is said about "hydrogen water" or "hydrogen-rich" alkaline water, which is what we have.  Here's a few things on "hydrogen water".

What about CBD?

Since the 2018 Farm Bill removed hemp from Schedule 1 list of drugs, CBD has gotten a lot of attention. What is it? Is is legal? What does it do? How do I take it? How much do I take? so on.  You  can Google CBD to no end and be no less confused.  The links below are not intended to answer all your questions but I hope it's a start. 

Introduction to Nootropics

If you're a millennial, you might know this term and may have used nootropics after a heavy night of partying.  If you're a baby boomer like me, you're response might be along the lines of "nootropics what?".  Surprisingly, nootropics have been around a while, I just didn't know it. Coffee, melatonin, turmeric and vitamin B12 are considered nootropics.  I hope the following links will shed some light onto "nootropics."

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