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The People of Orange County’s Source of Alkaline Drinking Water

Your journey toward a healthier body begins at Family Waters and Wellness. Our store provides hydrogen-rich alkaline water, Kangen Water®, CBD oil, nutritional and wellness supplements as well and all-natural wellness products to Orange County. After experiencing the benefits of ionized alkaline water and cannabidiol, we decided to take advantage of the opportunity to share our experience and the products that made the difference. Whether CBD Oil (Cannabidiol), nutritional and wellness supplements or the purest water you can get – we are your one-stop-shop for all sources of health and wellbeing.

We’ve all heard it before: drinking more water is the cornerstone of healthy living. But not all water is created equal. Plain tap water lacks flavor and does nothing to help your body balance out an acidic diet. Spring water, along with distilled or purified water, offers some additional benefits, but still lacks the necessary pH levels.

In contrast, alkaline water gives you everything you need: great taste, a healthy supply of minerals and antioxidants, and a natural way to maintain a pH-balanced body. We offer the best kind: ionized alkaline water, from reverse osmosis and purified water to the trusted Kangen Water® brand. Bring your container and pay by the gallon. Buy one of our BPA-free containers and get the first fill-up free or purchase one of our water ionizing systems for home use.

CBD Oil, Nutritional and Wellness Supplements: Stay Active with Our Natural Wellness Solutions

After you fill up on alkaline drinking water, browse through our selection of natural wellness products—from physical and cognitive health supplements to CBD oil. We sell only supplements and treatments that we believe in personally. By trying it ourselves, we know firsthand that our CBD, Cannabidiol, and natural healing products can improve our customers’ vitality, mental focus, and energy.

Discover the Benefits of CBD

Derived from hemp without any addictive chemicals, CBD oil helps our customers manage their chronic pain, anxiety, and stress. As more people discover CBD’s life-changing effects, its products grow in popularity and the nuances of the products can become confusing. Our staff guides you through your CBD options, giving honest recommendations based on personal experience.

Don’t wait to improve your health and quench your thirst. Stop by Family Waters and Wellness today.

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